NEWS from

Bishop John Beahen
Assembly 2230

First Ontario District, Cardinal McGuigan Province
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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We wish to thank the members of this year's executive for their past services and congratulate the new members of our new executive who will take office on 
July 1st, 2018

Faithful Navigator John St. Jean (613)  834-8100
Faithful Friar Father Jessimar Cavan-Tapia (613) 748-6040  x 201
Faithful Captain Mark McAvoy (613) 830-3032
Faithful Admiral Wayne Mousseau (613) 746-4203
Faithful Pilot James Beattie (613) 720-3891 
Faithful Comptroller Emmanuel Ukwu  (613) 456-6138
Faithful Scribe Adam Lyon (613) 824-9266
Faithful Purser Douglas Randall (613) 731-0963
Faithful Inner Sentinel Joshua Balanaser (613) 882-4013
Faithful Outer Sentinel Bob Ryan (613) 824-5804
Faithful Senior Trustee 1 Year term Vacant
Faithful Junior Trustee 2 Year term Vacant
Faithful Trustee 3 Year term  John Scoles (613) 741-0338
Assembly Commander



 Our deepest condolences to S/K Paul Vaillancourt and his family on the death of his father

 Sir Knight Joseph Michael Vaillancourt

who passed away on October 10, 2018.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
17 Avenue, Russell, ON.



New Uniform 
(Note old uniform may be worn until the end of this Columbian Year.)

IMPORTANT information re new regalia for Assembly 2230

As of July 2018 the official supplier for The Canadian Sir Knight's uniform will be:
Enterprises Roger Sauvé Inc.
 LOCATED AT: 6546 St.Hubert St. Montreal, QC, H2S 2M3 ,  (514) 270-1211

4th Degree Official Dress Uniform

Regular Business Meetings are held at
Church Hall, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Laurent Blvd.

Regular Business Meeting Nights

Please confirm your attendance in advance with the Faithful Captain Mark McAvoy (613) 830-3032 .  We must pay for all the meals that are ordered, so please, if you can't make it, let him know at least three days in advance or you will be asked to pay for the meal we have ordered on your behalf.   (Meals are currently priced @ $10.00 each)
Social 6 ~ 6:30, Dinner 6:30 ~ 7:30, Business Meeting starts at 7:30PM usually ending around 9:00 PM.

N.B. if you haven't reserved your meal with the Faithful Captain beforehand, 
no meal will be provided to you at the meeting..

N.B. Executive meetings are every fourth Tuesday@ 5:30 PM in basement of rectory at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
If you have changed address, phone number or e-mail, please let Faithful Comptroller  
Emmanuel Ukwu 613-456-6138  know so he can update the Assembly's files.  You can also e-mail information to the Assembly by clicking here.

Membership cards for 2018/19

Will be available at the general meetings @ $40.00 each for 2018 ~ 2019.  You must have a valid 3rd Degree card for the current year to qualify for a new 4th degree card before you are eligible.  Our cards from Supreme office have been delayed this year, we hope to have them available for our November meeting.  
Sir Knights are reminded that under the fourth Degree rules
(differs from Council rules), the Faithful Comptroller may suspend your membership if you fall behind in your dues after ignoring three warnings sent by him to your address.  We have many members who are now in arrears and because we have to pay both Supreme, State, district and the archdiocesan association taxes based upon our membership numbers, our Assembly cannot afford to carry those who are delinquent.  
If you are in financial difficulty, please approach our Faithful Navigator in confidence to have your debt resolved.

Plastic name badges are available for all new members or replacements for lost badges
 cost is $11.00 per badge. 

Brass badges for you or your spouse are available (must  be ordered) at all regular meetings @ $9.00 each (pay in advance).  
Contact Faithful Comptroller 
Emmanuel Ukwu 613-456-6138 for information. click on name

Please be aware that ALL badges must  already be paid for on PICK-UP!

Annual Assembly Awards 2017 ~2018

There was no awards night this year

The Knights of Columbus' initiative on Fatherhood is on the Fathers for Good Web site,

S/K John Schembri
Master 1st District (613) 226-6520
S/K Dan Burnett 
Marshall 1st District ~ 1-(613) 836-4082
(To send e-mail just click on name)


Council 5558    Luke Hart (Ottawa)

Robert Gravelle

Grand Knight


Council 7873    Divine Infant (Orleans)
Richard Charette Grand Knight 613-830-4524

Council 8008    Centennial  (Annunciation - Beacon Hill)

David Hnatiw 

Grand Knight


David. Hnatiw

Council 9005    Good Shepherd (Blackburn Hamlet)

Roger Sweet 

Grand Knight


*Council 11278    St. Clements (Ottawa)

*Council 12401    Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Russell)

Council 13049     St. Edith Stein (Rockland)

Tony Surette      

Grand Knight


Council 13701    Resurrection of our Lord (Ottawa)

Maurice MacDonell 

Grand Knight


*Council 14337    St. Lorenzo Ruiz (Ottawa)
   Grand Knight

* (Not currently in dist 66)

* Council 16713    St. Peter's (Ottawa)
Grand Knight

* (Not currently in dist 66)

Council 167162    Immaculate Heart of Mary Canada 150

Bob Davis  

Grand Knight




Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria
(Canada) Scholarships

The Knights of Columbus awards 12 Fourth Degree Pro Deo and Pro Patria (Canada) Scholarships annually.

An applicant must be:

  1. A Canadian student entering his or her first year of university study leading to a baccalaureate degree at a college or university in Canada.

  2. A member in good standing in a Canadian council of the Knights of Columbus, or the son or daughter of such a member or deceased member. (Not limited to Fourth Degree members.)

Each scholarship of $1,500 is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and is renewable each year of undergraduate study, pending satisfactory academic performance, to a total of four years.

Applications may be obtained after Oct. 1 by writing:

Department of Scholarships
Knights of Columbus
PO Box 1670
New Haven, CT 06507-0901

Or using this form.

Completed applications must be received by the Knights of Columbus Department of Scholarships by May 1 of the following year.