At this time, your Divine Infant parish Refugee Sponsorship Committee will NOT be accepting donations of furniture and household items, as your committee has not yet selected an appropriate apartment or condo for the Abo Saad family. This decision cannot be made until we know the estimated date of arrival of the Abo Saad family. At this time, the intent is to seek a two-bedroom apartment to house this family of three with a four-year old daughter.

After accommodations have been finalized, your Sponsorship Committee can better estimate the need for furnishings. For example, the apartment or condo may already have a complete or partial set of appliances. The same caution would apply to items of furniture and other household items. Due to health and safety guidelines, certain items – such as personal clothing, shoes and mattresses – will be purchased new, rather than used.

Please be assured that as soon as we can identify specific needs for furnishings, appliances and the full range of household goods, we will communicate this to our parishioners and supporters.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and appreciate your patience. If you do have potentially valuable items that you intend to offer, could you please retain them in your possession until we can determine their suitability for the type and size of the dwelling we can allow and secure.

Thank you.